Have you ever been to an event where you don't know anyone and you're trying to strike up a conversation? It's definitely a stressful situation for many, but it's actually very preventable. I really like to see how outdoor games get strangers to interact without awkward small talk. We have already had the honor of being the ice breakers at many different events. Your guests may not know each other yet, but don't worry, that will all change pretty soon during the game. And believe me, they'll even put their phones away for a while!

The whole idea of Gato yard games started from the fact that the Estonian summer is jam-packed with various barbecue parties and outdoor events, where people often get together, sit at the table, eat and drink, best case scenario, go to the sauna as well. That's it. It all seemed a bit dry and the solution in the form of some kind of simple additional activity seemed very logical. In North America, outdoor games are essential parts of events, and with small steps this culture is also reaching Northern Europe.

Finding inspiration happens very organically, I've found cool games from the Philippines, Nepal and, for example, the Netherlands. And we would never build something that we didn't like. Our outdoor games are perfect for weddings, birthdays, team events, festivals, midsommer events etc. In addition, different simple team games, relay competitions and other accessories, i.e giant dice, can be offered for your team event. We will gladly deliver the games to whereever necessary in Estonia.