for example..


"Many, many thanks Gato and Andreas - a man like an orchestra, I would say! Smooth communication, practical recommendations and consideration for the success of the events helped us as organizers to organize it more easily in terms of games. The madness that we held at the summer school of the Estonian Community Houses was especially intense - with 15 games tournament for 30 teams, it was intense and made even the biggest pessimists excited. As the classics already said, the best adviser to a man is still the man himself! And Gato has proven himself to be a very good adviser! Good luck to you and to new meetings and collaborations !"

"We ordered Gato games for the company's summer event. It was very convenient and pleasant to do things with Andreas. Everything was delivered, the playgrounds were prepared and, of course, there were also easy-to-understand instructions. The games we ordered were exactly the kind that were perfect for our event, where we wanted people to be able to communicate with each other during the games as well, and with the fun Gato games we succeeded extremely well."

"Awesome games!"

"It was a great opportunity to use the games offered by Gato at two different events in the city of Keila during the summer. The games went very well with the young people (and also the parents). The communication with the team was smooth and pleasant in every way. I hope that there will be an opportunity to cooperate
in the future :)"

"Thanks to the Gato team, I came across it three times this summer. There are always opportunities and solutions to ideas. Participating in the extremely intense competition at the Summer School of Culture Workers already gave me ideas for the new year. I definitely recommend these outdoor games, because they are fun and happiness is what is important. Strength and success and keep going!"


"Cool and very engaging games!"